Basic Field Tool Kit Coyote

Review Of Basic Field Tool Kit – Basic Field Tool Kit Coyote

Versatile compact tool kit helps prevent minor firearm malfunctions from ending your field outing ahead of schedule. Like our popular gun-specific Field Maintenance Packs this kit was developed for serious shooters who are on the go and features only the highest quality longest lasting gunsmithing tools available. These tools were carefully selected by our gunsmithing technicians for general field repair and maintenance of a host of firearm types so you’re as prepared as possible to tackle those readily correctable problems that occur when you least expect them. Perfect for the competitive shooter avid hunter and mobile armorer who need the basics to help field strip and perform Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Total kit weight – 4 lb. 13 oz. (2. 2 kg) . Includes: Magna-Tip Set – #81 Driver Handle. 1 1/4 ‘ (3.2cm) diameter. 73/4′ (19.7cm) OAL. Polyethylene Bench Box & Tray – 85/8′ (21.8cm) long 4 1/4 ‘ (10.8cm) wide 17/8′ (4.7cm) high. Slott

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